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brings you both accounts of the war itself and news of current events relevant to our interests. Join us Monday through Friday for news reports How I Improved My essay writers In One Easy Lesson and press releases What You Can Learn From Bill Gates About custom writing we gather to save you the time of hunting them down in our hundreds of sources. Historic preservation, Civil War reenactments and commemorations, discoveries of archeologists and historians, National Park Service news, legislation and more–you’ll find it here. With the Sesquicentennial in progress there are 150th anniversary events of all sorts in a wide array of locations, and we’ll keep you up to date. Exhibits, museum and historic-site events, living history presentations along with word of new books, movies and other media events, you’ll find it her

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Best of the Civil War Blogs
While we often use a blogging platform for some sections of our site, we’re not bloggers. But there sure are a lot of great Civil War blogs out there. Our job is to find them. Best of the blogs has just been updated and while some were removed, even more were added. You’ll be surprised at the breadth of the authors – authors, historians, reenactors and just plain Civil War enthusiasts. Check it out today!


Who could count the number of Civil War sites on the Internet?essay writing service Shortcuts - The Easy Way Certainly not us – but we do our best to look at as many as possible. And when we find one that we think provides important information for our readers, we add it to LinkCentral. Categories include People, essay writer, Regional, Regimentals, Battles and more. So make us your home, but visit the neighbors as well!

Civil War Online Games

Yes, you can really assemble Civil War jigsaw puzzles right here 9 and the cats can’t jump on them and ruin it! Thirty different puzzles with more coming. You can set then to be as easy or hard as you want. And what I feeling when you drag two of the right pieces together and hear them click as they connect. Give us some time and we’ll be adding crossword puzzles and Word Searches as well. Let’s face it, war is hell, but games are just fun. GO>>


This Day in the Civil War
This is one of the oldest and most popular features of Civil War Interactive. Just click a date on the calendar and find out what happened on that day in the Civil War. Pick one date and find out what happened in 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865. Crazy headlines make the events even more intriguing. Check today, your birthday or any other day. Have fun with it. GO>>



These have been missing for quite awhile until we found back-up copies on an old computer. Some of these were written by our staff, but many by our readers. Stories range from the saga of the children of Vicksburg, to stories of Forrest, Sherman, Rodes and lesser knowns like August Willich, Zollicoffer, CSA medical practices and dozens more. Many of which you were probably never aware of. Enjoy these 30+ articles and stories! GO>>

Civil War Documents
Why was the Civil War fought? A question asked thousands of times. And it’s only the writings, the notes and the speeches of those involved we can depend on. Half are true, half are not and it’s up to you whether to believe them or not. They are, after all, simply points-of-view. Here you’ll find documents ranging from the Kansas-Nebraska Act through right through to Andrew Johnson’s Amnesty Proclamation. GO>>


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