A Civil War Biography

Alfred Eugene Jackson

Jackson was born 11 January 1807 in Davidson County, Tennessee. He attended Washington College, now Washington & Lee University, in Virginia and Greenville College in Illinois before returning to Tennessee to farm. He built a very successful wholesale produce, mercantile, and shipping business.

When the war started Jackson enlisted in the Confederate army and was appointed a staff major. He served as Felix K Zollicoffer's quartermaster then as paymaster in Knoxville, Tennessee during the period that the Confederates occupied the place. Jackson was initially appointed brigadier general on 29 October 1862 but the appointment was canceled. He was reappointed brigadier general on 22 April 1863 to rank from 9 February of that same year. He commanded a composite brigade of infantry and cavalry for the next 18 months. His command was constantly changing and at one point contained a company of Cherokee Indians. His brigade, in addition to fighting Union bushwhackers and tracking down deserters, raided into Kentucky and southwest Virginia. In September 1863 his command captured the entire 10th Ohio infantry regiment in an engagement at Telford's Station, Tennessee. On 23 November 1864 Jackson was reported unfit for further field duty and finished his service as a staff officer on the staff of John C Breckinridge.

The war cost Jackson his property and assets. After the war he was a tenant farmer in Virginia until a special pardon by President Andrew Johnson restored some of Jackson's property. He died 30 October 1889 in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

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