A Civil War Biography

Alpheus Baker

Baker was born 28 May 1828 in the Abbeville District of South Carolina. While teaching school in South Carolina and Georgia, he studied the law then moved to Alabama. He was admitted to the Alabama bar in 1849 and established a law practice. He was elected to the Alabama constitutional convention. He joined the Eufaula Rifles, a local militia unit, as a private in January 1861. Shortly thereafter he was named captain of Company B.

When the war erupted the 1st Alabama was assigned to Pensacola, Florida then in late 1861 was sent to Tennessee. When the 1st Alabama's one year enlistment expired Baker was named colonel on 27 December 1861 of a regiment of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama troops known as the 4th Confederate infantry regiment. He saw action at New Madrid then was captured at Island #10. After being exchanged a few months later he was named colonel on 9 October 1862 of the 54th Alabama Volunteer infantry regiment which he led during the Vicksburg campaign. He was wounded at Champion's Hill, Baker was promoted to brigadier general on 5 March 1864. He commanded a brigade in Alexander P. Stewart's division and fought at Resaca, Georgia. Baker was wounded at Ezra Church. Once he recovered his brigade was reassigned to the Department of the Gulf and was stationed near Mobile, Alabama. The brigade rejoined the main Western army in time to take part in the Carolina campaign. Baker and his brigade were captured at Bentonville, North Carolina on 19 March 1865.

Following the war Baker returned to the practice of law in Alabama. He moved his practice to Louisville, Kentucky in 1878. He died in Louisville on 2 October 1891.

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