A Civil War Biography

John Baillie McIntosh

McIntosh was born 6 June 1829 at Fort Brooke, near Tampa Florida. He had joined the navy and was a midshipmen during the war with Mexico. After leaving the navy he went into business.

At the start of the war McIntosh joined the army and was assigned as a second lieutenant in the 2nd US Cavalry. He fought in the Peninsula and Maryland campaigns. In November 1862 he was made colonel and commanded the 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry. He commanded the 2nd brigade / 2nd division in George Stoneman's Cavalry Corps at Kelly's Ford and Chancellorsville. At Gettysburg McIntosh commanded the 1st brigade / 2nd division in Alfred Pleasonton's Cavalry Corps. McIntosh was promoted to brigadier general of volunteers in July 1864. He commanded the 1st brigade / 3rd division of the cavalry corps at Third Winchester where he was wounded and lost a leg. He was brevetted brigadier general US Army, major general of volunteers, and major general US Army on 13 March 1865.

Following the war he remained in the military serving as governor of Soldier's Home in Washington DC and superintendent of Indian affairs. McIntosh retired in 1870 and died 29 June 1888 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

John McIntosh's brother, James McQueen McIntosh, was a year older than John. James was born in 1828 also at Fort Brooke. He had graduated last in the West Point class of 1849 and spent time on the frontier before resigning in May 1861. He joined the South as a captain of cavalry and fought at Wilson's Creek. In October 1861 he was assigned as colonel of the 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles. He was promoted to brigadier general in the Confederate Provisional Army in January 1862. James was mortally wounded during the battle at Elkhorn Tavern. He died 7 March 1862 at Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

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