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Monday, April 15 1861

President Lincoln today issued a call for the raising of 75,000 militia, a proclamation that a state of insurrection existed, and a call for a special session of Congress. Far Northern states accepted the call for troops; Kentucky and North Carolina immediately refused. Enthusiastic amateurs in North Carolina seized Federal Fort Macon, which was not difficult as it was unoccupied. In many cities large and small the news of the firing on Ft. Sumter was the occasion for mass meetings, torchlight parades, and a strange feeling of relief that the war, so long anticipated, had finally, definitely arrived.

Tuesday, April 15 1862

No large-scale fighting occurred today, but there were dust-ups in nearly every part of the country, particularly the West. Skirmishing went on in Peralta, New Mexico Territory; Lost Creek, Missouri, and Picacho Pass, Arizona. In the latter, the Federal forces came out the victors, and this was not considered to be a good omen for the Confederate control of Tucson.

Wednesday, April 15 1863

For the last two weeks or so there had been a battle in progress in Washington, North Carolina, which was occupied by Federal forces and being attacked by Confederates. The southern fighters began breaking off the attack and preparing to depart the scene. They had received word that Union gunboats were on the way with relief supplies and, more importantly, reinforcements for the weary defenders. Their numbers would make the attack impossible to win.

Friday, April 15 1864

Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg--none of them were the scene of battle today. Instead the action was taking place in places like Spencer’s Ranch, New Mexico Territory (the one over by Presidio del Norte, not the other one); Rosedale and Camden (Arkansas, not the other one) and Half Mountain on Licking River. There’s only one of those. It’s in Kentucky.

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