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Friday, April 19 1861

Federal troops continued to head for the Capital--which trip continued to require a change of trains in Baltimore. As on the previous day, hostile crowds of Southern sympathizers harassed the men, in this case the 6th Massachusetts Volunteers. Unlike yesterday, they went beyond catcalls to throwing stones and shooting. The 6th Mass was armed and shot their way out of the crowd, losing four dead and 17 wounded. Future troops took ships out of Philadelphia.

Saturday, April 19 1862

No large actions took place today, but some small ones proliferated. The mortar firing on the forts below New Orleans continued. Gen. Halleck progressed slowly with gathering his forces around Yorktown, Va. Various violence took place at Trent Road, S.C.; Suth Mills in Camden County, S.C. and Talbot’s Ferry, Ark.

Sunday, April 19 1863

Elias Howe Jr. was discharged today from the 17th Conn. Volunteers, along with his father. The father, being old (over 40) and suffering a clubfoot, was not quite officially mustered in. Being quite wealthy (he had invented the sewing machine) he was allowed to hang around anyway. Once, when the unit had not been paid in months, he wrote a personal check to cover the entire payroll, then went back in line to pick up his private’s pay of $39.

Tuesday, April 19 1864

Things were looking grim for the Union garrison at Plymouth, N.C. Under attack for two days, they had been saved yesterday by the arrival of two gunboats. Today, at 3:30 a.m., the counterattack came--the dreaded CSS Albermarle arrived. She immediately attacked the USS Miami and Southfield, which had been tied together for steadier firing. Southfield was fatally rammed, and the crew frantically cut the cables as the survivors scrambled aboard Miami. Miami turned tail and ran.

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