Prizes: 1st Prize - $200 (MSRP) worth of mint, never-read Civil War books.

             2nd Prize - A copy of
each of Trailhead graphics maps (apx. $100 MSRP)

             3rd Prize - Two mint, never-read Civil War books.

             All submissions should be mailed to  

     O.K., just to get it out of the way, yes there are prizes. Boy, you people are greedy. But we also know how talented so many of you are. And we intend to put that to use. In the 15 years of Civil War Interactive, we have run three writers contests, and some of the entries we've received from readers have floored us. Just take a look at the "Articles" section using the menu in the left sidebar. About 90% of those were written by you and other readers.

     Now with a writing contest, you first need a topic. So let's take care of that first. The topic of this contest is a Battle. Easy enough, right. We know all of you have heard of these battles: Manassas, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Antietam, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Chancellorsville, Stone's River, Spotsylvania, Petersburg, Vicksburg, Fredericksburg, Pea Ridge, Fort Donelson, Franklin or Cold Harbor.

    So now you know the topic, but the first thing you need to do is forget any of the battles listed above. They are off-limits. The topic of your article cannot be any of the above battles. Now we know that sometimes battles can be part of campaigns, so just to be clear, smaller battles that led to the above battles are allowed. You can't write about Gettysburg, but Brandy's Station would be O.K.  Actual Battle of Antietam off-limits, South Mountain O.K. So in short, the smaller battles that led to the larger ones are allowed.

    The tentative schedule is this:

  • Today you find out about it and get time to think about your possible topics.

  • April 15th (of course you'll be done with your taxes, right?) the contest begins. You have one month.

  • May 15th at 11:59pm, the contest ends. All entries must be in by then.

  • From May 15th to the 31st, we'll be putting your articles on the site, hidden from your eyes of course.

  • June 1st - all articles are revealed for judging. Readers have until June 15th to judge them.

  • June 17th - winner announced!

Of course there are rules, so here they are:

  • Your article must be sent as an attachment in.doc format. This is generally associated with Microsoft Word, but if you don't have it you can download Open Office ( ) for free. It has the option to save in .doc format. As a last option just type it directly into an e-mail. Sorry, we don't have the staff to transcribe typed, paper entries.

  • Please type single space with no embedded footnotes. Use only end-notes. Minimum length is three single-spaced pages. Maximum is 15 pages. End-notes do not count towards the length.

  • No professional authors allowed. If you've ever written a book or article for payment, you are not qualified. If you just write for your round-table newsletter - no problem.

  • CWi retains electronic publication rights for all submissions. Author retains all other rights.

  • We will do no editing. If your syntax, punctuation or spelling is wrong, that's the way it'll go up and readers will no doubt take that into account when judging.

That should get you started. We'll let you know the prizes in the near future. If we forgot something, or something isn't clear, let us know at  or ask on the discussion board at the thread HERE.






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