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 Posted: Wed Apr 2nd, 2014 05:46 am
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You know, looking back over this thread and especially the coffee discussion I'm having to wonder how folks so used to today's fast food coffee industry would feel if they had to try some of these substitutes for just a week. I don't mean re-enactors or people interested in the period either.

Think about it. Back then if you didn't have coffee beans then you had to make do with what you had, which either meant doing without coffee or having to go with a substitute. And we've posted several substitutes they could have turned to. But today if you're out of coffee, hey there's always Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, McDonald's, Burger King, etc. Can't wait for them to make you "cup" of coffee the way you want it, or just don't have one within five or six minutes drive from where you live, then just go to your nearest grocery store or mini-mart and pick up a bottle of Starbucks, Nescafe, etc. in the fridge there (yeah, not likely to be hot). Even at home we don't have time really to wait on coffee. Or, dread, measure it out and even grind it. We can just buy K-cups and just throw that into the machine, no need to measure out the coffee. It's all ready to go, though it does take so many minutes to make.

Back then making coffee was a process. And you didn't have all the fancy flavorings, whipped cream, froth, etc. the fast food coffee offers today. How would folks feel if they not only didn't have that fast food coffee to turn to, much less any coffee at all, but had to make their coffee completely from scratch? Would they be ready to give up on it all together or would they have a new appreciation for the drink that would maybe have the turning more to the pre-ground stuff they can get in the stores, even to the pre-roasted beans they have to grind themselves either at home or in the store, and less to the fast food coffee most think of when they think of coffee.

I don't think most folks appreciate coffee quite as much anymore as they did even twenty or thirty years ago, and that is largely thanks to what I call fast food coffee. And even then they didn't have the same appreciation for it they had had twenty or thirty years before then, and so on. They appreciate the caffeine pick me up it gives them, and they like the look of it. Especially when the barista puts in a tree, heart, smiley face, etc. in the cream/froth. But there's a lot less, to me anyway, of the work behind making that coffee because they can get it so fast.

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