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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2007 12:50 am
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I wish that I had more time to effectively reply to the acedemic arguments going on right now, and apologize most sincerely for being a "light-weight" in some of the arguments that I have started or stirred.  

Wanted to just bring this bit of posts back for a moment:

Me: "'All data must be recognized and accounted for. One cannot set aside data that one does not like, or arbitrarily dismiss it as an anomaly.'"

Pvt Clewell: "Unless it's from James McPherson?"

Me : "Wowser, Pvt. Clewell, I really put a bug up your, er, nose, didn't I? I am neither arbitrarily dismissing, or setting aside, McPherson, I am challenging him as having a notable bias.  And, since you just a bit ago moved that discussion back to the other thread, let's take it there."

Just wanted to say, Pvt. Clewell, you have been 30 years a tar-heel, and it was not good of me to treat you like you had "Yankee Arrogence".  You have been true to your view, and very articulate, and most kind, and never arrogant.

Since both of us know what it is like to be The Voice of our own beliefs, in our own ways,  in a different climate (One living South while born North, The Other living North while born South, weather-wise and politically) I want to apologize if I treated you flippantly (French term, out-of-country, frog-talk, hee-hee, Bad Joanie, No cookie!).

Can't find spell-check here, and too tired and busy to make myself look better by doing so.

It's a simple apology, do the spell-checking yourselves, LOL! Only Pvt. Clewell need accept my apology.



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