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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2007 01:08 am
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I have a question, if Spain decided to reclaim Gibraltor in say 1858 and blocaded it intending to starve it out and when they became impatient opted to do their best to blast it into oblivian would that be considered a decleration of war?

I think it would.

Ole, thank you once again for answerig for me. I am once again away from home... work is fun really it is so my resources are limited to say the least.

THe Regulars in TX were not the only regulars detained by the CS, there were several instances where arsenals were seized and the Regulars stationed there were imprisoned. Davis and the CS govt was well aware of the distribution of the Regular Army and IMHO they used it to their advantage. The US Army was scattered from hell to breakfest, defending the frontier mostly, much of it to the benefit of the soon to be CS and quite a few troops out California way. Suppresing a Rebellion that was armed and proven to be hostile was not an option for the US Army... w/out that call for 75,000 troops I have no doubt CS troops could have walked into DC and even less doubt that Davis would have thought twice about ordering such.

Recall how much trouble Lincoln had even making it to DC?

I just don't buy the argument that Lincoln outmanuevered Davis on Ft Sumter. Davis was a consumate profesional politician; to claim such simply makes Davis look incompetant. I think Davis gambled that Lincoln would be another Buchanan... he was wrong.

Lincoln swore an oath to defend the US against all enemies foreign & domestic. He honored his oath and did his job. Lincoln is often chastised for actions that Davis did as well. It's a double standard. Both were politicians, good ones, and I don't think I would invite either to dinner.

If my neighbor were to claim my house as his... doesn't make it so. If my neighbor then opted to force me out of my house at gunpoint or by shooting my house full of holes would I be in the right to defend myself and then put the law on him? Quite frankly once you start running you never stop.

Ft Sumter was built w/ federal money, heck they built the island. How SC can claim it as theirs has always been quite beyond me. Very little SC $ was spent on it's creation.

The fair compensation offer... posh. Like a neighbor stealing your brand new Dodge 1500 and after you caught him sitting in the drivers seat offering you $1500 for it. Do you think the bank would consider that acceptable?

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