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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2007 01:54 am
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  Your analogy with Spain and Gibraltar doesn't relate to the situation of Ft. Sumter. I don't think that we would disagree that Ft. Sumter is in South Carolina. So- whose territory does Ft. Sumter sit on? Either South Carolina is part of the United States, or it isn't.

  In 1861, the natives there would have told you that it wasn't. So, what were they to do about a foreign installation preventing them from running their harbor as they wished to?

  If "your house" turns out to be on your neighbor's property, you have no right to keep it there. You must either move it or abandon it. He might compensate you for your expenses, or he might not. If he was kind, he might give you some time to decide what to do and how to do it. He might even decide for a time not to cut off your food supplies.

  Your neighbor wouldn't be at all pleased if you tried to run in reinforcements and provisions so that you could maintain your position there, and shoot at him if you chose to.

  I am sympathetic to the plight of Jefferson Davis, but he did some boneheaded things. I don't think that he was Lincoln's equal as a politician. I think that Lincoln did outmaneuver the Confederates.

  Anderson was holding out but informed the Confederates that he would leave on 15 April- UNLESS he was resupplied. Beauregard had been instructed not to allow the fort to be resupplied. When Mr. Lincoln informed Governor Pickens that he intended to resupply the fort, he played right into the worst fears of the Confederates. They decided, wrongly in my view, that they could not wait until 15 April.

  My natural inclination is to try to put you in the position of the Confederates in Charleston, and ask you how you would have accomplished the removal of the federal forces at Ft. Sumter. But I fear that would be a waste of time, since you seem incapable of seeing the situation from their side.

  In fact, this whole discussion is a waste of time, since we have already agreed that the war was inevitable regardless of what was done in Charleston harbor.

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