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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2007 03:24 pm
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  The Confederates would have said that Ft. Sumter sat in Charleston harbor. That was within the state of South Carolina which was, in April of 1861, part of the CSA.

  As you have seen, perhaps, from my exchange with Johan, there was no really wondrous solution to the problem. The fort could not be simply moved, nor could the artificial island that it sat on.

  All that could be done was to say: "Please remove all the federal property that you are able to, and we'll see about giving you compensation for the rest."

  The problem could not be resolved, because the U.S. Government was unwilling to simply abandon the fort, as they thought that it would be an acknowledgement of the legitimacy of secession. The Confederates felt that they could not allow the U.S. Government to maintain its position there, since the fort could fire on ships entering or leaving the harbor.

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