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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2007 05:38 pm
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  Virginia did not secede because of the attack on Ft. Sumter- at least not directly.

  What led to the secession of Virginia was Mr. Lincoln's response to Ft. Sumter. On 15 April, he demanded troops from Virginia to suppress the states that had already seceded. On the 27th, he ordered a blockade of Virginia, while it was still in the Union. Anticipating the secession vote on May 23rd, he then made preparations for an invasion of Virginia involving thousands of troops.

  After these actions by the U.S. Government, the Unionists in Virginia could no longer prevail.


Virginia: Spring 1861

Note: The contention of the source above that some federal troops crossed the Potomac on May 3rd is apparently in correct. So, I have edited this posting, with a tip of the hat to Hank C.



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