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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2007 11:32 pm
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Bama . we had the same rule at the junior college I went to first. And it had to get pretty cold in California to talk the Dean of Women into letting us wear slacks. 

After that I went to the Conservative church school  Pepperdine college. long before the Malibu campus.  Founded by George Pepperdine of Western Auto  fame.  Really small school but there were good and bad sides to that .  Good professors knew who you were, bad professors knew who you were .   Good when my dad has his first stroke, they let me just leave for a week and make up class assignments and finals when I got back.  My mom was out of state with my grandmother . I only had to talk to one person and she said I will take care of it .  I came back and it was all taken care of.  No lost of grades at all (gave me time to finish the project I hadn't done yet .  Dad helped me!!!}

One thing I love about this forum is we are all ages and we seem to respect each others opinions.  He maybe a young'un but if I have a foot soldier or  weapons question I know who to ask first . . . Johann. 



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