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 Posted: Fri Dec 21st, 2007 02:44 am
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  I'm beginning to think that you're right about the 1st Virginia.  :D

  Lets see- they mentioned the 1st Michigan and the 11th NY Zouaves. I don't know if there were actually eleven regiments coming across that evening, but it doesn't take many regiments to make: "thousands of troops."  ;)

  Lets look for something else out there. Ah, heres one:

Cronology of the Civil War

  It says that on 24 May, 10,000 troops invaded Virginia and occupied Alexandria. Ten thousand sounds like about eleven regiments to me.

  Hey, I know that the site loses credibility because the authors can't spell, "Chronology," but at least it isn't a LR site.  :P


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