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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 04:28 am
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Its a matter of perspective. As I said previously- history is told from a point of view.

And, I would hope, without changing the words overmuch. C'mon, Defender, you know the difference between "demand" and what power Lincoln could actually exercise -- he wanted each state to furnish it's share of 75,000 troops. And, he had to ask. The point of view that changes the words to connote otherwise has a bias.

Now, back to the 10,000. I doubt it, as I said, and I will look into it. As I am looking into another thing or three at the moment, I could use some help with the numbers involved. We are talking about the invasion of Virginia, aren't we? As a seeker of truth, however partisan, I can trust you to be honest. I'm still trying to find the actual wording of Buell's memorandum for Anderson and the basis of the gentlemen's agreement.:?


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