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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 06:08 am
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   I have no enthusiasm for semantic nitpicking over how to characterize Lincoln calling for 75,000 troops. Call it a : "'polite request" if you wish. Call me biased if you wish. Be happy.

  As for which regiments invaded Virginia on 24 May, perhaps the ORs will list them. I can tell you what some of them were.

  According to this Arlington Historical Society source, eight regiments under Colonel Mansfield crossed the river on the 24th.


  Arlington (Va.) Historical Society | Learn | Snapshots | The Civil War in Arlington

  It says the first regiment was commanded by W.H. Wood (USMA 1845). That would have been the 17th US Infantry.

  Next was the 7th NY (Heintzelman). The third was the 11th NY Zous (Ellsworth). They showed up in Alexandria. Also coming that way was the 1st MI (Wilcox).

  Also present was the 1st NJ (Montgomery).

Union - New Jersey Infantry (Part 1)

  We also know that the 8th NY (Sandford) occupied Arlington House shortly after the invasion.

  Okay- we're up to six. Next, we'll look at: 'suspects." Here is a GOVERNMENT source:

Arlington House The Robert E Lee Memorial - Union Occupation:  1861-1865 (U.S. National Park Service)

  The very first sentence says: "On May 24, 1861, in the wake of Virginia's decision to secede from the Union, THOUSANDS of U.S. troops marched across the Potomac River....." Whether it was 10,000 or not I'm just not that curious about. My posting said only : "thousands," and there WERE thousands. I doubt that you can determine the precise number, anyway.

  Anyway, your attention is invited to the : "References " section, where other regiments are mentioned by Sandford, who was  apparently running things in the area around Arlington. It mentions other regiments, besides the 7th NY, which we know was in the initial invasion. By the 26th of May, the following regiments are identified in the area- 5th NY, 28th NY, 3rd US Infantry, 8th NY, and 69th NY. (By the 31st, you can add the 25th NY).

  This doesn't prove that these additional regiments were part of the initial invasion force, but that seems plausible to me. Some of them almost certainly were. Lets see- 11 regiments by the 26th at least. Again, I'm not that curious to learn their exact strength. Certainly, they didn't have to fight any battles to overcome the resistance at Arlington House.

  As a side note, here is a website devoted the winners of the Medal of Honor.

Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients - 1st Civil War Casualty Col. Elmer Ephraim Ellsworth

  By a stranfge coincidence, it says that eleven regiments invaded on the 24th. In fact, the wording is very similar to the same events listed in the"discredited" 1st Virginia site.


  Virginia: Spring 1861

  Apparently, there was some copying going on. Why do I suspect that the 1st Virginia copied from the CMH site, instead of the other way around? :D

  Have we beaten this to death yet?

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