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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 03:57 pm
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the best way to deal with teenagers and guns is to "gunproof' them..similiar to drownproofing kids by teaching them to swim.
I grew up in a household with guns. Learned from an early age to respect them and how and WHEN to handle them. I taught my sons the same lessons and am now, along with my sons teaching my grandchildren ( I have no daughters)those lessons.
A gun is a tool, neither good nor evil and like a hammer, saw or any other tool it can kill if misused.

My reason for looking for a gunsafe is not to keep them away from children, but rather to protect them from theft.

Johan, I have never heard of an "under the bed" safe.. whee to find one? My home is well constructed, but 550 pounds on a 32 x 22 footprint is a lot of concentrated weight. I have asked an architect friend the same question and am waiting on an answer.
If yours is on concrete, is it in the garage? The climate in Illinois is such that I would worry about rust in the garage, especially with a car in there shedding rainwater or melting snow and ice!


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