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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 05:19 pm
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If a thief is there to get your guns, the weight of the safe will not deter him. Most anything securely fastened so it can't easily be carried off will do. If it takes time and tools to open, it will likely deter the casual burglar. Upshot: I don't see the need for a 500-pound safe. I'd worry more about the home-invader than a sneak thief. And I don't want to be fumbling with a lock when the door is kicked in.

I wouldn't put the safe in the garage -- not so much for fear of rust, but for knowing that the garage is easier to break into than the house.

Mine are scattered all over the house and it'd take me a while to round them up, but that's about where we started with this thread, isn't it? It would cost you nothing to make a deal with your wife to keep them out of her way and not all in one place. Fortunately, mine knows where most of them are and knows very well how to use them.

Suppose I ought to look them up and make sure they have a nice thin coat of oil.


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