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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 05:58 pm
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I will not lock ALL of them up.. I agree that a locked up gun is just about the most worthless thing there is.. One never needs a pistol until he REALLY needs one.

We are at the age where we are free to travel more than in the past and if, God Willing, we can ever turn the business over to the kids and retire, we will probably travel more. I worry about them when I am gone and no one is home. Probably influenced by the fct that I had a pistol stolen in a break in years ago...probably kids because the pistol was found in the alley behind the house, turned in to the police and I was able to get it back...pre PC days, of course.
I have always believed that locks are designed to keep honest people the stronger the lock the more less than honest people will be deterred. A heavy, well secured gun safe should keep all but the truly determined out...I hope!

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