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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 06:08 pm
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I say "we" not that I was in the fight..I am old, but not that old!

We in the sense of the region. Look at the relative wealth of the states of the CSA and compare that to the northern states.. from the war to today.. look at the roads, rail roads, interstates (discounting snowbird routes to florida) and compare them with the north. My hometown of 250,000 people (metro area) doesn't have an interstate within 60 miles of it...N-S and doesn't have an E-W interstate within probably 100 miles. How many northern cities of that size can make that claim? How much industry goes somewhere else because of this? .. This is true of the region..
Of course, there are places like Atlanta...but try to find a southerner living there..

Mississippi is reduced to gambling to keep the state afloat, Louisana ..tourism... Tennessee has a few metropolitan areas served by the interstates, Arkansas is the chicken state..I am not familiar enough with the Carolinas to comment, but I do believe the intercoastal waterway has become pretty much impassible except in the Northern states due to a lack of maintenance.

these are wonderful places and I am sad that they are still suffering from the effects of reconstruction.. and carpetbagging is very much alive and well in them. MHO

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