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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 08:23 pm
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I'm guessing that the slower pace was always there in the pre-war, under-industrialized south. Climate, no doubt, played a major role in slowing everybody's social metabolism. But the world is quickly encroaching. Charlotte is an hour away, and it might as well be Philadelphia. I avoid Charlotte as much as possible.

There are slower paces northward, too. The Finger Lakes region is nice. Upstate Pennsylvania, near Penn State, is very rural. And there are places in New England that are quite bucolic. But they also get blizzards and I'm seriously allergic to shoveling snow, and even worse, driving in it.

In the circles that I move, there are lots of things about the south that are slower than the north. A slower way of talking, a slower way of moving, a more casual approach to deadlines and a keener sense of community (at least in my neighborhood). I'm not so sure these aren't regional traits that are handed down from generation to generation (Southern hospitality) and that I find very appealing. Not sure reconstruction had much to do with that.

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