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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 09:15 pm
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It was a boxed set that came w/ the figures one table, the bucket of severed limbs, the water bucket, tools and flag n staff. I created the diorama.

The photo has been photoshop doctored by someone adding
more terrain on the top of the photo and I think the Dr also photoshopped it into the Antietem battlefield in another picture.

The ground was a bit of cork board painted w/ a very heavy coat of house paint which acted as my glue then it was liberally sprinkled w/ model RR grass and cat litter (unused!).

Relatively simple project actually, the canvas on the sun break was inkwashed (painted w/ a heavily watered down black ink) then dry brushed w/ a couple different shades of acrylic to replicate dirt.

The table & structure was made using a small plane & an exacto knife. Would you believe the poncho started out as a kleenex? Folded to the shape I wanted, soaked in an inkwash then sprayed w/ an acrylic lacquer. Then I just applied washes & drybrushes until I had a color approximating my own gum blanket. the two tables started out as wooden matches, the coloring came from smoke and an inkwash.

What the photo doesn't show is the water pooled ontop of the canvas... used a model railroad epoxy and soaked it through the canvas which gave it the heavily weathered look.

I think the hardest time I had was w/ that cursed stretcher... couldn't get it to come out right. I made 3-4 attempts at the right color combo and gave up on it had even decided to drop the stretcher altogether when i looked at my scrap pile and found the perfect bit of fabric... I have no idea how the colors came about because my daughter had knocked over a couple of my wash bottles and that was what I had used to clean it up. I simply matched the blood color on the mini and applied some to the stretcher.

There are a variety of ways to replicate trees, the easiest being to raid your neighbors hedge when he isn't looking, dry out your twigs then dry brush w/ a couple different colors apply leaves in the form of a mini leaf looking spice you thief from the wifes spice cabinet and then spray w/ a lacquer to preserve.

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