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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 02:38 am
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Bathtub is a good analogy, so is the waterbed I had upstairs for about 15 years. The analogy falls down when you compare footprints  IMO... I want to be sure

If you had a water bed up there, I don't guess a safe would be that much of a worry. JUst make sure all  the weight isn't on one stringer.

There is a snap cap in my scattergun. Put that in last, jacked it into the chamber and snapped it. (So the  pin spring doesn't have to sit tensioned for however many years that sucker sits in the closet.) Next step is that snick snack which all people, civilized or not, know what comes next. Run or beat me to the first shot.

Still don't understand the need for securing the guns. Secure the house. Insurance covers the guns. The major woman of the house likely has some items of adornment as precious to her as your guns are to you. Is she considering a safe for them?

A sheet-metal or finely crafted lockable cabinet will suffice. Don't be overmuch worried that your guns may be taken to commit crimes. There are others who can supply stolen arms much easier than yours. Lock them up. But if "they" want them, they will get them, no matter what you do. Save the money and get something useful.

And that's my opinion.


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