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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 06:32 am
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OK so I keep my 1911A1 (Basic Govt Model with many many upgrades) next to my loaded mags...same safety precautions...the piece is unloaded, the mags aren't. I can have amag in and ready in seconds..about the time Ole has to snick snak a shotgun or Johan has to eject a snapcap...altho I would have bet my last dollar Johan was a wheel gun man.. shows to go ya...
We are all in agreement, and security..


Ole, again I say the footprint for a gunsafe is 550 pounds over an area that is 32 inches by 21 inches.. I will catch 2 joists if positioned perfectly thru carpet..... that is a lot of weight over 1 joist if i miss... again I have been broken into and lost a pistol for a while...lucky to get it back. Also I am gone a lot... I have a number of family heirlooms that are basically not replacable regardless of the dollars an insurance policy would throw at me... Rifle my grandfather bought almost 100 years ago..pistol my father carried in Korea and 2 tours of Viet Nam..pistol my uncle carried for a 35 year career as a forrester in Southeast.. I really don't want to lose those so some junkie can get high.

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