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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 06:33 am
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I LOVE Cabela's!  Great selection.  It's fun to look but on many items I've found they are a bit more expensive than other places.  We ended up buying ours at Wal Mart I believe.  Big Winchester model.  Not quite big enough to walk into but just about.  It's a nice nightstand I joke.  One modification that needs to be made is a lighted key pad would be perfect.  Other than that it's great for us.  It not only is filled with guns and ammo but also jewelry and important papers, i.e. social security cards, birth certificates, etc.  We've been invaded before and forget the "locked" file cabinet.  I was more worried about stolen personal info of ours than the missing ipod. 

Burglars would have to get past the alarm and the ferocious beagle before they could see the gleam of the beautiful pistol gripped shotgun.  Anywho, check out gun shows and ask questions.  Shop around and see your options.  My dad has a small one bolted down that holds several pistols.  It has a 3 finger combo that can easily be used at night and in high adrenaline situations.  (I joke that he should have only the middle finger used over and over for his combo...bam bam says me.)

I have kids and they are familiar with guns.  I taught them the way my dad taught me.  It's just I don't trust all the little curious friends that come over to play.  They need to be locked up here.  (My son proudly keeps his Red Ryder in there as well btw.)

The clip on this link is titled "Citizen-1 Criminal-0"...

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