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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 06:31 pm
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Booklover and Johan, you are confusing or equating reconstruction with the later Jim Crow laws. I am of the opinion that reconstruction led to Jim Crow. Lynchings did indeed take place during reconstruction, but the Jim Crow era is better remembered as the time of lynchings. Can I justify, and I won't try. they were wrong, and so far as I know, no member of my family was ever involved in one, Thank God! the abuses Johan describes to his Grandmother in law are Jim Crow in action as I don't believe she lived during reconstruction, unless Johan is a lot oldeer than his pic would lead us to believe and unless he went to college in 1890 instead of 1990..LOL..back on track.. the scene Johan describes of police not going into certain neighborhoods, and sleeping with a pistol under his pillow could describe scenes in any number of large cities today..some for the same reasons, others for different reasons. Regarding the issue of the "legitimacy" of his marriage..God, not the state grants the ultimate legitimacy..but was this an actively enforced law that descriminated against you and your wife, or was it a relic of the past that was still on the books because no one either knew it was there or had not bothered to removeit? If it is the later, I would suggest that there are idiot laws on the books in every state that are unenforcable, and ignored, but still there.
Someone said that in counting southern pre capita income, Florida and Atlanta were never counted by southernors. The reason is that there are no (or very few) southerners in those places, having been colonized by Northernors in the past few decades.

Finally, Booklover, you asked me just what "abuses" white males had to endure during reconstruction... OK in a nutshell..
first, look at the segments of society.. White males, Blacks, and women.
Women did not vote or work outside the home in that era...north or south
Blacks, male and female, for the most part had recently been slaves and while some could read, most could not.
White males, like their counterparts in the north were the ones who pretty much ran things..and not ONLY the plantation owners..
Look at the south..the economy does not exist it is in tatters. All former members of the confederate military are unable to vote or hold office... there is no money to buy anything... and so who rebuilds society and the economy?
Women can't vote.. BLACKS..except they are for the most part illiterate and as unqualified for public office as some of the folks running to president today...but we have a solution, grab yer stuff and head south ..thar's money to be made..
And so they came, befriended the blacks in office, influenced them, got ruionous tax laws passed and when the land owners could not pay the taxes, picked up the land for a pittance.. we have a name for them..carpet baggers..Of course there were southerners who saw a chance to enrich themselves at the expense of their neighbors.. we have a name for them too .... scalawags.. the vilest thing one southerner can call another.
All the while, if a former member of the confederte forces was caught in public wearing a part of a uniform, they were jailed.. if thats the only clothes you have, what to do?
Put yourself in that position, you are that white male.. what do you do when you see your farm gone, your family destitute and no hope in sight...maybe it is 5 6 7 years into reconstruction.. you fight back and you strike out at those who are making your life miserable..and unfortunately for race relations you target those you can hurt..blacks..not unlike Sunni/Sh'ite muslems are striking back at each other for former hurts.
The result when this was finally over was Jim Crow..and the result of that was bus boycotts in Montgomery, Black Sunday in Selma, and a murder in Memphis.... followed by the questioning of the legitimacy of Johan's marriage.

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