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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 11:55 pm
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Bama... those laws I mentioned were still being enforced in the last twenty years; I watched it happen and know those who it happened to.

The lynchings of White League fame and later Klan use were in the South. Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, the Carolinas etc. Though as i said you can't pointg a finger at someone w/out pointing three back at yourself. The last mass lynching in the US happened in Duluth MN.

Why was all this crap allowed to happen? Because the politicians lacked the intestinal fortitude to do anything about it. Tha Army should have been sent in and crushed the enemy, yes I said the enemy as the Klan, White League and the rest of their ilk were the enemy of everything decent a true step back to barbarism... and just about the worst cowards of US history. "Redemption" & Jim Crow should never have been allowed to happen.

Miss Walker, I challenge you to find the ten wealthiest men in the South of 1860; look for a similar list of 1870... many of the same names.

As I said Reconstruction was a trainwreck and the blame cannot be soley thrown at the foot of one side or the other because the South was every bit as complicit and corrupt as the worst northerner. Who to fix the blame on? I don't care, I say fix the problem.

The idea that Florida or Atlanta aren't southern is posh. They just aren't Confederate. Over the years I've heard all kinds of posh about how areas or people weren't southern; usually it ended up w/ them not being confederate or pro confederate and all too often w/ some because they were black.

I lived & worked in the South for the best part of a decade (I've been told that didn't count either as I was a soldier for the better part of that.) I'm no Southerner and the racism I saw there was largely extinct, there were still shadows... but they were just that shadows. But those shadows were frightening.

The connection between Reconstruction, Redemption and the rise of Jim Crow (defacto segregation) are very closely connected. The failure of the US to accomplish Reconstruction allowed Redemption and Jim Crow to rise and flourish and it is a shame upon the honor of the US that it was allowed to happen.

It's nearly Christmas; I'm going to pass on to better and brighter things like talking about the men I respect and want to honor; the one who actually did the fighting and dieing instead of the stay behinders who did there best to wreck this country.

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