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 Posted: Sun Dec 30th, 2007 09:35 pm
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Thanks, but I barely know this gal.  Anybody in her position could use some help.  I have seen the diary and there are quite a few descriptions of the march thru Georgia including some really neat battle descriptions.  In addition, there are lots of mentions of other soldiers and some descriptions of skirmishes and battles in Tennessee.  The detail was amazing.  You would almost think he was the company lexographer or accountant. 

The writer was quite literate and around 70% of the diary is as readable (legible) as if it was written today.  The other 30% is readable with some effort.  The pensmanship is excellent.  There is a numbered and dated GAR medal that goes with the diaries as well as a photograph (post war) of Henderson and the rest of company "A".

For the right buyer out there, this is an amazing find.  An Ohio collector or a Company A of the 78th OVVI would go nuts over these diaries, but you are right, it will take just the right buyer.  I loved and felt honored reading the diaries, but they are just not my deal.  Now, if it weas the work of a soldier at a re-mount station...

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