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 Posted: Tue Jan 1st, 2008 07:49 pm
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Well, as the old saying goes, "If you ain't cav, you ain't"

Ole, red piping's for those folks who have trouble with math. 8^P The piping for mounted forces during the Civil War depended on the regiment. After the congressional orders that made all mounted regiments "cavalry", the official piping color would be cavalry yellow. However, soldiers within the regiments were able to wear uniforms with their old piping (orange for dragoons, green for the mounted rifles) until they wore out. So the piping could be one of three.

I do have to admit, though, that the shoulderboards on my dress blues are yellow. Then again, the entire army now uses yellow stripes on the trousers. I prefer to think of that as enlightenment.

I agree, contraband would be the correct term for the chicken. That way, when the chicken has been obtained, it has been liberated, and there's no need to give up half because no standing orders have been violated.

Lobo, what are you trying to say? 8^P

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