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 Posted: Wed Jan 2nd, 2008 09:28 pm
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Hello, Rob & All...

I had been dreading the day I experienced my first colonoscopy, but it went off without a hitch. Very mild sedative/anaesthesia. Got a whole day off work [no heavy lifting, etc.]. Not a bit of pain. The drawback to the preparation is you get hungry for a short while and you get a bit chafed in a tender spot [squeeze the Charmin!].

Obviously, colon cancer is not "just for men," tho I think it has that widespread perception by the general public. Don't know why. From what I hear, everybody around age 50-55 should have the procedure. Good to hear of the advances in the screening test.

I was diagnosed with diverticulosis, the formation of pockets or indentations in the intestine lining; nothing serious, but could develop into diverticulitis, the inflamation/infection of those pockets should a seed or some such food remnant get lodged in one of those pockets. To avoid this complication, have lots of fiber in your daily diet!

No polyps or other growths seen.

Condolences to those here who have lost loved ones to CC and other nefarious diseases, especially in those cases where the victim has done nothing to bring on the malady.

Art in Tampa, FL

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