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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2008 02:21 am
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susansweet wrote:   And as another friend pointed out to me recently breast cancer is not just a woman's cancer. 


Believe it or not, recently  our family doctor thought Hubby might have a "lump' and sent him to have a mamogram that very day. I accompanied him to the mamogram place because he felt awkward and uncomfortable in a waiting room with only women.  Luck held with us and we turned out to be the only ones in the waiting room.

 I wanted to go in with Hubby, but they wouldn't let me. He said it was really hard for the mamogram techs to try to do that procedure on him and took them a long time to try to do it, but they did tell him they get about nine men every month!!!! 

Fortunately for Hubby, the mamogram found nothing, but we did have quite a scare until we heard the results.

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