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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2008 03:54 am
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Ole, I am a greenie, a tree hugger and a card-carrying member of the Sierra Club and National Wildlife Federation. That said, what worries me the most about the current price of oil are the types of countries that are getting rich as a result of these prices. For instance, Venezuela.

Strongman Hugo Chaves is using his oil wealth to further his agenda of uniting all of Latin and Central America and the Caribbean and anyone else who cares about it (Iran) against the US. He is using very little of that money to better his own country, modernize infrastructure, industry and agriculture.  

He is grandstanding in Colombia to secure the release of hostages held by FARK, but there is so much his own countrymen need.  

That is just one country getting rich off their oil even while they use the money for purposes that may come back to bite us sooner or later. It scares me. The comfy, cozy life and days of cheap oil we used to know may be over and it won't be convenient or easy.

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