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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2008 08:50 pm
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And food.

Let me see if I'm getting the big picture. Research into biofuels is raising the price of corn and wheat to produce fuels that will still cost $3 per gallon or more. I see where the world's wheat surplus is already being depleted. Hmm. Hungry third world nations will be unable to purchase wheat and corn because now those items are getting more expensive.

Watch the price of bread and cereal get even higher in your grocery, not only because of the rising premium on the seed product, but also for the increased price in transportation costs.

Vicious circle. Kind of like the circle water makes going down a drain, I should think.

The science and technology of the West may or may not be able to provide solutions, but the West is distracted by anti-democracy, anti-globalization, suicidal religious fundamental extremists.

Maybe methane fuel is the answer because there sure seems to be a lot of crap out there.

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