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 Posted: Fri Jan 4th, 2008 01:36 pm
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It seems to me that several states shrank considerably at various times as their large territory was reduced and divided into several states. Iowa & the Dakota territory are just two examples that come to mind and even Texas had that option and still does IIRC.

There was a large population of Unionists in West Virginia (I've seen it argued that it was a large majority)and they clamored and got a seperation from Virginia. By the people and all that... They did it at a time when the outcome of the war was anything but certain and they made it clear to all that they wanted no part of the benevolance of the CS... perhaps they had first hand experiance w/ that CS and they didn't care for it. Self determination... they were not ignorant of their self determination being ignored by Virginia when it came to Secession.

Now as some state that Secession is a right... why the irritation over West Virginia? It seems to me like a group of counties decided to Secede from Virginia and wished to be readmitted to the US as they felt they hadn't been given a choice in the first place. As some state that Virginia was not part of the US at the time, and actively involved in hostilities against it is only right and proper that those who want nothing to do w/ such and wish to be part of the US be given that option.

The US troops present at & near polling places; there were active pro CS guerillas and CS military forces w/in a short hop of many of those and there had been quite a bit of ugliness toward Unionist sentiment prior to that. Did the troops influence the vote and commit voter fraud? Maybe, though no more so than CS troops inside polling places in Unionist parts of TN, Florida, Georgia, Alabama or Texas during the Secession votes. And the US troops had a legit reason for being in the area. It seems to me one cannot bring up US troops in West Virgina polling places as something nefarious while ignoring CS troops doing the same thing earlier. It's ok for the CS to do it but if the US does it...

The US interfered in a soverign state about as much as the CS invasion of Neutral Kentucky; which pushed Kentucky firmly into the US camp I might add. Unlike Secession I believe the West Virginia/Virginia deal has been upheld in the Courts. Even the Lincoln hating Taney couldn't find fault w/ it IIRC.

"Did the US Government help create an illegal state, West Virginia, while denying Virginia the same rights?" No. West Virginia was accepted into the US by petition of it's citizens and accepted by a vote of Congress.

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