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 Posted: Fri Jan 4th, 2008 02:27 pm
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Throughout history, most conquering nations kept the lands that they've conquerd......Not us; however. We gave back Germany and Japan....We gave back Afghanistan and now we're giving back Iraq.

Over 3,000 of our troops dead, countless injured, we send them food and medicine, rebuild their infrastructure and $80 billion (I think) spent per day.....What do we get in return?.....HIGHER oil prices!!

I think "someone", i.e. Arab nations, need to repay us for the war. If not, then I advocate cutting off ALL monetary, medicinal and food aide to that region. An earthquake in Turkey??.....Awwww, so sorry.....Unrest and violence in Iraq???.....Kill each other, we're going home.....

Personally, I'm tired of the rest of the world pissing on the United States, then comming to us with their hands out begging for help....

Am I being "politically correct"??....I don't care if I'm not!! There are those who would argue that my being "nationalistic" is wrong....I argue that loving my country is right!!

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