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 Posted: Sat Jan 5th, 2008 12:23 am
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Secession is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. Does that mean to me that is illegal? Not exactly, in my eyes a rule of law needed to be made on the subject; if the CS had gone the route of laws there would have been a Free and Independent CS IMO w/ a whole lot less bloodshed.

There is ample precedence for states being split, note two examples I gave earlier. Virginia/West Virginia happened under fire is the only difference. IIRC the court case brought upheld the creation of West Virginia.

The actions of the CS was pure and unadulterated treason IMO. There was never a single court case, doesn't mean they weren't guilty. Ted Kennedy never went to court for murder but there is no doubt he killed that woman. I've never been convicted of drunk and disorderly but I ASSURE you I have been.

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