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 Posted: Sat Jan 5th, 2008 02:56 am
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I've been reading alot about Logan and the 1860 Democratic Convention and that gave me reason to look at some other things and writings from it. From the start Southern Democrats seemed to be purposefully sabotaging any solidarity w/ Northern Democrats. There was to be no comprimise from the start. I do believe there was a conspiracy w/ both unknowing and knowing assistance of quite a few 1860 Southern Democrats and I do believe Davis was well and truly in the thick of it. Was he the originator? I don't believe so, but looking at 140 year old political machinations and trying to figure it all is not my cup of java.

Now I apologize to all if I hijacked my thread... wanted to make sure all knew where I was coming from.

Javal, I do apologize for bringing modern politics into the thread and board. I hate it when others do it and here I did it. Bad Shane, no Scotch... ok maybe no donut; gotta have my Black Label.

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