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 Posted: Sat Jan 5th, 2008 03:12 am
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  Of course, those who chose secession didn't go to any court, because they felt that they didn't have to. Their position was that they had a Constitutional right to leave the Union.

  I've never seen any evidence of any plot to overthrow a duly elected US Government. If there had been, there might have been an actual civil war, instead of the war we call by that name now. The southerners weren't trying to destroy the US Government, only to leave it.

  I don't see how a :"reasoned argument" could have been made between those who chose to secede and Mr. Lincoln. Seven states seceded before he took office. If he had accepted that action, I have no idea what other states might have done. But those states were bent on leaving, and he was bent on forcing them to stay. That is why they came to blows.

  You see the Ft. Sumter incident as a : "win-win" for Mr. Davis. I see it as a total disaster for the Confederate cause. I believe that if Mr. Davis was here now, that he would agree with me.

  Chief Justice Taney never spent a day in jail, but I have read some sources that maintain that Mr. Lincoln considered having him arrested. It was much easier to arrest and imprison many thousands of others. Putting the Chief Justice behind bars would not have been a good political move. Mr. Taney eventually had to back down on ex parte Merryman, and he had no power after that. Without the cooperation of the Legislative Branch, the Judiciary cannot rein in an Executive branch that abuses its powers.

  I do not believe that the southern democrats purposely blew the 1860 election, as I stated earlier. But thery could not reconcile with the northern democrats. As a result, the party was split. So, Mr. Lincoln was the result. There are many examples in American History where politicians have refused to make compromises, and ended up with a result much more deleterious to their cause than the compromise would have been.





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