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 Posted: Sat Jan 5th, 2008 03:19 pm
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ole wrote: The US Government never recognized any of the states in rebellion as being part of a foreign country. The US helped set up the Restored Government in 1862. So all aspects of the Constitution did apply to Virginia, same as it did to New York or Georgia. As far as the Union was concerned Virginia was part of the US.
Whether Virginia declared itself part of the CSA or not has no bearing as it wasn't recognized as the legitimate government.

I hope you don't mind an imperiious, dismissive sniff. Or ludicrous crap.


Ole what part of this are you dismissing? Show me anywhere where the US recognized any state or the CSA as an independent sovereign nation.
The US did help set up the Restored Government in Virginia, it was the RESTORED government, get it?
When WV broke away from Virginia it was initially done in a convention on May 13-15, in response to the Virginia Secession Convention. On May 23 the majority of Virginia voters approved the secession from the Union.
On June 25 after Little Mac occupied western Virginia another meeting was held in which Pierpont was "elected" governor. Lincoln recognized this government as the legitimate government of Virginia, it was known as the RESTORED government.
In October of '61 delegates from 39 western counties met and decided to form their own state, West Virginia. In Dec. of '62 Lincoln signed into law an act creating West Virginia, but not abolishing slavery in the new state!
In March of 1863 the voters in West Virginia voted to create the new state, so it was now official.

Now can you give me any evidence that the Union did not recognize the Constitutional authority they possessed in the CSA? At what point did the CSA, in the eyes of the Union stop being part of the US? And if they were considered part of the US they were subject to the Constitution.  Once the states seceded their governments were not recognized, but the states still were.

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