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 Posted: Sat Jan 5th, 2008 03:31 pm
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Johan wrote:
Please... tarriffs are a smokescreen. Someone please refresh my memory was the average $2 or $3 per citizen of the US. $2 or $3... most on goods the average Southerner & Northerner had nothing to do w/. In short the tarriffs are pure smoke

Johan you are not understanding the tariffs, their effect on the South, or where the money was going. Yes I would like to see where someone got the $2 or $3 average. Go back to the States Rights thread and re-read the South Carolina reaction to the tariffs. It was an ongoing battle for close to 30+ years.
In addition the tariffs were part of a larger debate on States Rights, not necessarily the only problem. By creating and enforcing tariffs many in the South felt the Congress had overstepped their bounds in creating, enforcing the tariffs and where the money was going to.
Tariffs were on manufactured goods for the most part. The North overwhelmingly benefited from the tariffs. The South had any number of fears from the tariffs. Yet when there were excess amounts collected Jackson for one advocated returning the excess to the states, based on population. The South further felt this was unfair. They did not see the rewards of the tariffs, internal improvements, nor would they see much of the excess. They saw their money going right into the pockets of the rich industrialists in the North and the Northern coffers.

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