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 Posted: Sat Jan 5th, 2008 05:10 pm
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Johan Steele wrote: Miss Walker the Tarriffs are a smoke screen when some can claim the South paid 70% of them when any research at all shows this to be wrong.

Then the claim that they saw their $ going right into the pockets of rich industrialists... I'm sorry but that is pure sensationalism intended to make the North evil w/ South poor put upon innocents argument.

The tariffs were enforced & collected at the ports, on imports; similar to the Buy American idea going around a few years back. The imports struck were not on the things the average southerner, or northerner for that matter, bought.

Johan it is not pure sensationalism. I would suggest you research what was under tariffs and what the tariffs were.

I would also recommend you research to understand why tariffs, internal improvements and the States Rights doctrine really is. Why any tariffs except those that paid off the National debt were opposed. Why were internal improvements opposed? How tariffs turned from paying the national debt to protectionism of Northern manufacturers.

Not the things the average consumer bought? Like cloth? Wool, clothes. How about shipbuilding? Where only US manufactured ships could be bought? How about shipping whereas only US (Northern) shippers could ship goods?  The tariffs affected the average man greatly.

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