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 Posted: Sun Jan 6th, 2008 04:21 pm
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Miss Walker, over and over again I have seen the flippant claim that the South somehow paid 70% or more of the cost of the US govt through the Tariff. It holds up to no research of any kind and further analysis shows the South not paying any kind of dispraportionate (sp?)cost of the tariff. The tariff argument is smoke and mirrors and frankly not all that well put together smoke and mirrors. That people continue to blindly believe it is merely proof that a few can sucker the many as easily in 2008 as 1860.

Tariff came to about $2-$3 a head in the entire US. Even in 1860 that is insignificant and to claim it as a major cause of the war makes no sense. There is no need to add complexeties where there are none. That is why I posted the two links I did. One link details what exactly the tariffs were and the other a very long and involved discussion on the subject by those far more versed in the subject than I. In the end the Lost Cause side of that particular argument gets its head handed to it.

As to my homework on the subject... there are two links that were part of it. The Secession commisioners weren't screaming about the unfairness of the tariff but of slavery.

Back to the West Virginia side of the argument, those who formed West Virginia certainly didn't believe the tariffs or slavery a strong enough argument to split with the old flag.

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