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 Posted: Thu Mar 16th, 2006 01:16 am
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The Overland Campaign is a favorite of mine. However after 2 trips I still have not made it  to North Anna. I spend way to much time hiking around Spotsylvania. I also recommend the Penisula/Seven Days tour. These areas are a true treasure around Richmond, Gaines Mill being my personal favorite site.  If you utilize the Civil War Trails map you get a great perspective on the entire campaign.

As for me I plan on my ususal 3 trips to Gettysburg, one just to bike the battlefield and another a work day for the FNPG. Also in fall I plan to do Antietam/Harper's Ferry. Never been to Harper's Ferry but it looks like there are plenty of hiking trails in the area. (I don't care for auto touring. I try to hike or bike as much of the battlefieds as I can)

Someday before I die I wll make it to the Western Theater.

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