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 Posted: Mon Jan 7th, 2008 08:31 pm
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Miss Walker, I gave a thread that I think does an excellent job of presenting both sides of the debate near to 350 posts arguing it. I happen to agree w/ one of those sides that doesn't happen to agree w/ yours.   I think all in all it is a superb thread that represents both sides of the argument quite well.  While at times there is some serious cherry picking it is dealt w/.  How anyone can read through all 30+ pages of the thread and come up w/ the idea that it refutes my idea... leads me to believe they read only the first page or two.

Forgive me for misconstrueing your $500,000 number. Now what did NY contribute that year?

The only thing I smoke in my pipe is good pipe tabbacy; I don't appreciate the insinuation. If I just miscontured your meaning; sorry.

I apparently came to a completely different conclusion over the tariffs than you have. I see the claim that they were integral in Secession as so much post war smoke and mirrors. So far I have seen nothing to convince me otherwise.

Tariffs as protectionism I can see; I can even see the argument put forward that tariffs protected US intrests more than those of SC and I would not disagree w/ such. What I cannot see in any way shape or form how the tariff issue outweighed or even came close to weighing the same as the slavery issue.

As this is a thread you started on the legality of West Virginia... how did the tariff influence Virginia & West Virginia in their actions?

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