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 Posted: Thu Mar 16th, 2006 03:52 am
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connyankee wrote: It doesn't look too promising for me to get out on the road this year.  I may swing a trip to Gettysburg though - it's been about three years since my last visit.

If anyone thinks they need it, has some excellent tour maps.

Basecat, I did the Overland Campaign a while back in some detail - from the fords on the Rapidan all the way to Appomattox.  At the time, I was hell-bent to stay on the line if it took all summer.  In reality, it took me five years (piecemeal)!  I highly recommend stopping at North Anna to witness some of the genius of Robert E. Lee and some of the finest preserved earthworks that you'll ever see.  Get a brochure at Frderickburg Visitor Center which contains a map and tour guide, or, I can mail you mine.

Lee's retreat is a nice relaxing trip over the VA countryside and also highly recommended.  Everything you'll need can be found at the Petersburg V.C.  There's a companion book witten by Chris Calkins titled "Lee's Retreat: A History and Field Guide" that I recommend to anyone making this trip.  When I went, there was a short audio presentation at each of the 25 tour stops that you could listen to by tuning your radio to a certain station.

Enjoy yourself.  This is one of the neatest trips I ever took and well worth the time and money I invested.

Regards to all,

ConnYankee,Already have Chris's book here, and plan to use it if I am fortunate enough to head to the Petersburg area this summer.  As for the Overland Campaign, the one place I have not stopped at is the North Anna River, and hope to do so soon.  I really got involved in the Overland Campaign after reading Gordon Rhea's books here, and have had the opportunity to talk to him over the years about making such a trip. :)  Like you, he said I need to spend a lot of time doing so, and he too said I have to check out the North Anna River.  IMHO, that is the best book of his series, as it really opened my eyes here about an event of the campaign that I really did not know that much about.Regards from the Garden State,Steve Basic

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