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 Posted: Tue Jan 8th, 2008 05:13 pm
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I am not sure there is enough oil in this solar system to bring prices down at this point. I think we are going to have to put a real push into non fossil fuel engines...and ethanol ain't it!
Disagree with former; agree with the latter. A boost in the production would lower the price of a barrel. Temporarily. We're kind of stuck in that we don't have the refineries to manage much of a boost. And ethanol is a red herring. It's good only for corn growers. The supporters tend to overlook the oil and natural gas used in its production.I also think that governments at both the state and national level need to look at the taxes that are placed on fuel and the "winfall profits" these per gallon taxes have created. Based on the tax structure staying the same, and the price increasing 100% then we should be awash in motor fuel tax money...state and federal...but we are not!

Bite your tongue! Reduce taxes?:shock:


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