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 Posted: Tue Jan 8th, 2008 06:37 pm
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While I am not generally a John McCain supporter, I do have to fiercely agree with him that the oil prices we are paying are helping to finance the very people who do not have US interests at heart. He spoke just this week again of the double bind we are in literally financing anti-American war efforts in the Middle East at the very same time we are fighting there, a position that is just not sustainable.

In my book, the MAIN reason we need to find viable alternatives to oil-based fuels is to become independent of the regimes that sell oil. Until and when we do that, we will be held hostage to their demands, all hunky-dory if they were our allies, but they are not.

As an aside, corn is not the only way to make ethanol. Florida has a huge sugar cane sector. It is sugar cane that Brazil uses to make their ethanol. Also work is being done to extract ethanol from citrus peels. Right now, citrus peels are mainly used in livestock feed. A drawback of sugar cane, though, is the great demands it makes on water for its growth. Florida is in the throes of an historic drought and can ill afford that water.

Back to corn, I have a cousin who is working on his masters degree in agriculture. He told me something very interesting about how they have discovered that one of the bi-products from ethanol production from corn is a very densely nutrition-rich substance that they are working back into livestock feed. So the worry that so much corn would be diverted from livestock feed into ethanol production may be needless anxiety because as it turns out, we may be able to kill two birds with one stone as it were.

What I really wish is for the government to finance a "Manhattan Project" to find a substance that will free ourselves once and for all of dependence on oil as a fuel. We will never be completely free of oil, however, because it has countless industrial uses apart from fuel that will continue to require that we buy some oil but nothing like we do today.


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