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 Posted: Tue Jan 8th, 2008 07:20 pm
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At the moment, corn is the primary source of ethanol. It can be made from sugar or saw grass. The residue of corn-based ethanol is indeed used as livestock feed. But the use of corn for ethanol adversely affects the price of my nachos. And Bama's cornbread. (Have no idea where you can get real buttermilk, Bama. I can only wonder why you would want to. But then, you probably don't put sweet pickles on your peanut-butter sammich.)

"What I really wish is for the government to finance a "Manhattan Project" to find a substance that will free ourselves once and for all of dependence on oil as a fuel. We will never be completely free of oil, however, because it has countless industrial uses apart from fuel that will continue to require that we buy some oil but nothing like we do today."

Shoot! I'm in quick reply and can't do the quote justice. Danger! Will Robinson! The government can't fund its own toilet paper properly. When the demand requires it, it will be there. We'll be using hydrogen or electrically powered vehicles (recharged from nuclear plants), but our plastic bottles and Saran Wrap will be a bit harder to do without.

There are corporations out there working on alternatives. But, until WE want to buy fuel-efficient vehicles and adjust our lifestyles, there will be no money in it.

The wheels of change move slowly.


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