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 Posted: Thu Jan 10th, 2008 09:25 pm
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  Since you're apparently going to do some more research on this Edmund Newsome, I'll do some of the legwork for you.

  In 1860, Edmund was a school teacher in Carbondale, IL (He had been a teacher since 1850). His age on the Census is listed as 35, but since he was born on 01Dec26, he could only have been 34 in 1860. His wife, Mary, was also born in England, and is listed as being 39 years old. The value of their real property is listed as $400., and their personal property $200. Edmund's name is listed as: "Edward," for some reason. "Edward" is also shown as an alternate name on the CWSS.

  There are no children listed on the Census, and there were none in the obituary. Probably, there were no children, or they died before Edmund did. I don't know yet when Mary died or where she is buried, but I might look into that later.

  I'm sending this along now as sometimes my attempts to post are getting eaten. Better to risk losing a short posting than a lengthy one.  :)


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